A Guide on Using Caution Tape

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In recent years, caution tape has been used and sold around the world. They are made of high-quality Polyethylene, and these caution warning signs are removable by hand. But how does it work? People use them to warn others of impending danger or hazard. It is a very effective warning signal which can reduce the risk of accidental injury to people.

What are Caution Tapes?

Caution tape is a special type of vinyl plastic film that is made from polyethylene (PE). Also, this is also known as yellow barrier tape, safety tape, or warning tapes. Apply to road works, ongoing construction sites, and accident scenes, set up barricades, mark the construction site danger zones, This tape is not only suitable for hazardous areas. It is also suitable as decoration for construction themed parties; it can be used for Halloween parties in haunted houses, etc.  Their function is to warn people about impending danger or hazards. It helps people to stay safe, avoid possible injury, or enter dangerous areas.

The color may vary, but generally, it’s yellow, red/white stripe, or yellow/black stripe. The color of the caution tape is also determined by the hazard that is present. For example, you can place the red one on fire hydrants, because this will alert people about the dangers of fire.

How Does Caution Tape Work?

How to Figure Out the Message behind Each Colour of Caution Tape

Sometimes also known as safety tape, they have a wide variety of colors. But, these colors have a common meaning. Each color represents the level of danger in the area that is being isolated or limited. According to the American National Standards Institute, there are eight different colors. Each of them has different meanings and levels of danger. Here is a further explanation of these colors:

Red (danger tape)

Red means a danger that can be fatal or cause permanent injury. It could also mean “stop” or “don’t enter”. You should use red caution tape should for a situation where a fire is present. You can also use it when the situation requires attention and that people shouldn’t enter the area.


Orange-red means a bio-safety danger. This color is usually applied to areas that have been contaminated with dangerous chemicals or infectious waste.

Yellow (caution tape)

Yellow means “caution”. This is the most common color to be seen by civilians. This tape is usually used when there is certain road damage, or when a road has been blocked due to an accident. You can also use this tape to label corrosive and explosive items.


Is different from the Orange-Red color, orange means “warning”. This is usually used to label heavy machinery that has the possibility to crush and injure a person. People use this color when a worker is not around. This label also indicates that the machine is dangerous and should be used with caution.


Green means”safety”. This color is usually used to inform us where safety equipment is available. This is also used to show that the area is safe to enter and that the potential for harm or hazard is small.


This means “information”. This tape is usually used to inform passer-by that there is a vehicle that is being repaired. This is also used to inform the public about health and safety precautions.

Combination of Black, White, Yellow (red/white stripe, yellow/black stripe)

This color combination between black, white, and yellow means “boundaries”. This is usually used for road and traffic signs, to mark the safety limits of the road as well as the speed limit.

Magenta, Purple, or Yellow

These colors mean “radiation caution”. This means that people can’t enter the area without the proper protection against radiation.

What is the Difference between Caution Tape and Danger Tape?

Although people use both tapes to prevent something from happening, they have very different meanings. People use caution tape to warn of something dangerous, like an unsafe condition.  Meanwhile, people use danger tape to warn of something dangerous, like a bomb. In this subchapter, we will see the comparison and differences between these two tapes. The purpose of this comparison is to help readers identify whether they are suitable for their situation or not.

Caution Tape

It was first introduced by car companies to prevent accidents when parking cars at night or when you can’t see well. In short, it was meant to reduce the possibility of an accident occurring. This is because there is a warning about potential dangers such as bumps on the road or slippery areas. It has to be applied in a very specific way. It must be visible at all times to the people in the area. Everyone in the area has to be able to read it so that everyone is aware of what is happening. It must also be visible at night when there is less light, or in places where visibility is poor. If there are any signs warning people of something dangerous, they should be placed in front of them, not behind them.

Danger Tape

People use danger tape when something dangerous has already happened. It shows that people are trying to find out who handles it and what they should do about it. It’s also used for keeping secrets and keeping track of important things. It includes important items and information that could be lost or stolen if not protected.

People use danger tape when there has already been an accident or when someone has caused harm to someone else. It usually consists of some kind of warning sign to inform people of what has happened. It also contains information about what they should do to prevent similar accidents from

happening again.

The Production: What Caution Tape is Made of?

People use caution tape in most countries to warn others about hazardous substances or to mark a dangerous area. There are several items used in its production. This is because different types will give out different sounds when stretched. The most common synthetic rubber material used in its production is Polyethylene. You can find this material in many kinds of products. Polyethylene is one of the most common synthetic rubber materials used in its production.

Polyethylene (PE) is one of the five synthetic resins, polyethylene is mainly divided into linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE ), low-density polyethylene (LDPE ), high-density polyethylene (HDPE ). Polyethylene is odorless, non-toxic, feels like wax, has good chemical stability, and can resist the erosion of most acids and bases (not resistant to acids with oxidizing properties). Insoluble in general solvents at room temperature, small water absorption, excellent electrical insulation. Polyethylene film is a colorless, tasteless, odorless, semi-transparent non-toxic insulating material.

The Process – How Caution Tape is Made:

1. Blowing Film:

Low-density polyethylene film is generally made by a blow molding process, The melting point of polyethylene is 130℃~145℃. the PE plastic particles are heated and melted to blow into film, the molten plastic through the head filter to remove impurities from the die head mold mouth, after

blowing, wind ring cooling by the herringbone plate pressure, by the traction rollers to roll the finished film into a tube. After the extruding process, The process of blowing vinyl into a plastic film can take up to two hours. Different colors of masterbatch can be added during production to blow out different colors, widths, and thicknesses of films.

2. Printing:

After blowing the film, we will move to the printing stage, with our fully automatic 8-color gravure printing machine, we can print different colors and patterns, we also have thousands of printing templates, and printing does not take much time. During the whole production process, through our high-speed printing machine, one machine can finish 1-3 tons of film printing in 12 hours.

3. Slitting:

After printing, we need to slit the large rolls of film into smaller rolls of warning tape of different widths, such as 5 cm wide, 3 inches, 10 cm, 15 cm, etc. Any width you want, and the length can also be slit according to the customer’s requirements, and the computer automatically records the number, not easy to make mistakes.

4. Packaging:

The packing process is very important because it will help you to ensure that our customers will get their order on time. There are several ways that you can pack, but the most common way is using a plastic bag, shrink wrapping, or a small color box, and then packing in cartons. Furthermore, the Color box is very safe and durable because it will protect the items from damage or breaking during shipping.

Once the packing is complete, they are stacked in boxes and packed up. The pre-packing process is to put all the boxes and cartons in a large storage space before they are shipped out to customers. When you want to ship them, it’s very important that they arrive on time because they can’t be sent out with delays. There are several types of transportation modes that you can use to ship them.

A Guide on Using Caution Tape

When Can We Use It?

People use caution tape to warn of possible dangers. The reason is that it warns people of possible danger by presenting a message or warning on it. There are different kinds of caution tape on the market today. Some are general, others are color-coded and some are made for certain purposes. The purpose of this subchapter is to explain what people use them for and how to use them.

There are many uses for caution tape. You can use it in almost any situation. The uses can be very wide depending on the type you use. There are some general types which you can use. The bright colors of our bright cautionary tapes will help set any event apart from others. They warn people against dangerous situations or hazardous areas.

These dangers include the edge of roads, electrical equipment, power lines, and fences, etc. Another type is a color-coded one which shows where something dangerous is at a glance by using different colors on the surface of the tape. These include traffic signs, emergency telephone lines, and emergency fire lines, etc.

Another type is the safety tape that people use to mark a safety zone. People use this type to mark areas where people may not want to go, such as on stairs, walls and fire escapes, etc. The last type is the one that people use for emergency evacuation purposes. This type usually marks areas where people should stay clear of or keep away from. The uses can be very varied depending on the kind of warning that you wish to put on it.

Caution tape can also be used for Halloween decoration, it is a must-have for any spooktacular Halloween soiree. “with this roll of ghostly, glowing caution tape you’ll be the best decorated on your street”. Keep ghosts and other spooky stuff away this Halloween with caution tape! Our caution tape roll of durable plastic is perfect for those who take decorating seriously. Available in green or orange, the cave heads come in different patterns to match any theme you may have planned.

Where Can We Buy Caution Tape?

They are available in different colors, prices, and sizes. You can choose one that is suitable for your purpose  If you are not sure what kind to buy, then you should buy a sample first from a nearby store to see if it will work well. Some of them are very cheap while others are very expensive, so it is important that you do some research on the price before buying one.

You should also look at the type that you want to buy, as some have more uses than others. It is important that you do some research on what type is best for your purpose because there are many kinds of them available on the market today.

Caution Tape in Foreign Trade Business

What is the HS Code?

The HS Code is the international standard of Product Identification Numbers to classify products in the world. The Product code is based on the raw material and processed materials. When manufacturers import any product into our country, manufacturers have to declare the raw materials and products with a corresponding code. If they import products without the correct code, they have to pay more tax.

So, HS Code is an important part of the Customs process. This code is mandatory for every importer and manufacturer in import documents. So, if you want to purchase any product online, then it is better to check the product code first.

How to Get an HS Code?

There are two ways to get the HS Code, one is from the government website and the other is by searching on the internet. You can visit the official website of your country, like https://www.foreign-trade.com/reference/hscode.htm This website will provide you with all the information related to the HS Code. You can also search for HS Code on the internet by using the search option in your browser.

What are the HS Codes of Caution Tape?

There are several HS codes, according to the Foreign Trade site. In China, the HS code we use for caution tape is 3920109090, 3926909090

The first six digits are common internationally, and the last four digits may vary slightly from country to country.

Here is the list of the HS Codes of caution tape.


HS Code for Other plates, sheets, film, foil, and strip, of plastics, noncellular and not reinforced, laminated, supported, or similarly combined with other materials:


HS Code for plastics Of polymers of ethylene


HS Code for Other articles of plastics and articles of other materials of headings 3901 to 3914:


HS Code for Other


Caution tape is a piece of tape with a warning message printed on it. People use it to warn others about a dangerous area or to warn people of something dangerous. There are different colors, and each of the colors holds a different meaning.

To use it, you have to know which color is the most suitable for the hazardous risk that is currently happening. You can use it to tell people that there is a hazardous risk and that they should stay away from the area. You can use this can to stop people from falling down a hill, into a pool of water, or

into an open pit.

People apply caution tape on construction sites, and the purposes vary. The main purpose of this is to warn people about hazardous risks, but you can also use it for other purposes. You can use it as an obstacle to stop people from entering certain areas.


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